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Eric Saade


Quick Facts

Eric Khaled Saade

29 October 1990

🇸🇪 Swedish

National Selection
Melodifestivalen 2021
Melodifestivalen 2015
Melodifestivalen 2011
Melodifestivalen 2010

In Eurovision
2011 Düsseldorf

Popular (2011)


Eric Khaled Saade, born on October 29, 1990, in Kattarp, Sweden, is a renowned Swedish singer and songwriter. With a Swedish mother, Marlene Jacobsson, and a Palestinian Lebanese father, Walid Saade, Eric’s multicultural background has significantly influenced his music career. After his parents’ divorce, he lived with his mother and is the second of eight siblings and half-siblings.

Inspired by icons like Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, and Justin Timberlake, Saade developed a passion for singing early on. His career took off in 2007 as a founding member of the Swedish boy band What’s Up!, alongside Robin Stjernberg, Ludwig Keijser, and Johan Yngvesson. The band gained popularity with hits like “Go Girl!” and “If I Told You Once,” and even recorded a theme for Disney’s Camp Rock.

Saade embarked on a solo career in 2009, signing with Roxy Recordings and releasing his debut single, “Sleepless.” His breakthrough came in 2010 with “Manboy” in the Melodifestivalen, the Swedish Eurovision selection, where he finished third. The success of “Manboy” was followed by his debut album, “Masquerade,” which went gold in Sweden.

In 2011, Saade won Melodifestivalen with “Popular,” representing Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest and finishing third. “Popular” achieved significant success, going double platinum in Sweden and charting internationally.

Saade continued to release music, including “Hearts in the Air” and “Hotter Than Fire,” a duet with Dev. His albums “Saade Vol. 1” and “Saade Vol. 2” further established his presence in the music industry, with “Saade Vol. 1” achieving platinum status.

In 2012, Saade released “Imagine” with Tone Damli and explored new musical styles with singles like “Miss Unknown” and “Marching (In the Name of Love).” His next album, “Forgive Me,” showcased a shift in his musical direction.

Saade made a notable return to Melodifestivalen in 2015 with “Sting,” placing fifth in the finals. He continued releasing music, including his EP “Saade” and participating in the reality TV-show “Så mycket bättre” in 2017.

In 2019, Saade released his fifth studio album, “Det svarta fåret,” and in 2021, he competed again in Melodifestivalen with “Every Minute,” finishing second. Saade’s diverse career also includes hosting Melodifestivalen 2019 and winning Let’s Dance 2022, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer.



🇸🇪 Sweden



Fredrik Kempe

Fredrik Kempe

Fernando Fuentes
Joel Börjesson

Robin Haghi
Alvaro Estrella
Daniel Gill

Results Semi

Points: 155
Position: 1
Running order: 8

Results Finals

Points: 185
Position: 3
Running order: 7