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Enrico Ruggeri

Name:Enrico Ruggeri
National Finals:Festival di Sanremo 2016
ESC Entries:Sole d’Europa (1993)


Enrico Ruggeri is an Italian singer and songwriter. With the founding of the band Josafat, Enrico Ruggeri began his musical career in 1972. The group  merged in 1977 with Trifoglio to the new band Decibel. They recorded an album and until 1980 had a number of appearances as a support act for some international interpreters, including Adam and the Ants and The Heartbreakers. That year, the group participated at the Sanremo Festival and released their second album . In 1981 Ruggeri left the band and began his solo career. He had his first solo hit in 1993, and in 1984 he took part in the Sanremo Festival; Two years later, he returned to the competition and scored the critics’ award with his song “Rien ne va plus”. A first Sanremo victory came in 1987, when he teamed up with Gianni Morandi and Umberto Tozzi. They sang “Si può dare di più”. In 1989 Enrico Ruggeri started writing and published two books, followed by several albums. When Ruggeri returned to Sanremo in 1993, he won again, now as a soloist. Therefore, he became first choice to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest.  From 2005 he presented three seasons of the television program “Nessuno tocchi Caino”. In 2010, he returned to Sanremo; During the competition there was also a brief reunion with his former band Decibel. In the same year Ruggeri appeared for the first time as a juror of the casting show X Factor. Ruggeri wrote two more novels. With the band Frankenstein  he presented a concept album, joined by another novel.  Ruggeri appeared as a guest at the Sanremo Festival 2015, but again as a participant at the next edition. After a reunion in 2017 Ruggeri released an album together with his old band Decibel. They participated in Sanremo in 2018.


Artist:Enrico Ruggeri
Song:Sole d’Europa
Lyrics:Enrico Ruggeri
Composer(s):Enrico Ruggeri
Conductor:Vittorio Cosma
Backings:Luigi Fiore
Fabrizio Palermo
Luigi Schiavone
Alberto Tafuri
Running order:1