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Electric Fields

© EBU/Corinne Cumming


Quick Facts

Zaachariaha Fielding
Michael Ross


🇦🇺 Australian

National Selection
Internal selection 2024
Eurovision – Australia Decides 2019

In Eurovision
2024 Malmö

2024 One Milkali (One Blood)


Electric Fields is an Australian electronic music duo, encapsulating the vibrant talents of vocalist Zaachariaha Fielding and keyboardist/producer Michael Ross. Known for their unique blend of modern electric-soul music intertwined with Aboriginal culture, they skillfully sing in Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara, and English, enriching Australia’s music scene with their diversity and depth. Their journey in the music industry is marked by the release of an EP, several singles, and their forthcoming representation of Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with the song “One Milkali (One Blood).”

Their story begins individually, with Fielding showcasing his vocal prowess on the third season of The X Factor Australia in 2011, and Ross auditioning for the same platform’s fifth season in 2013. The duo united as Electric Fields in 2015, bringing to life a sound that’s been described as a cross between Daft Punk and Nina Simone set in the Deep Forest. They debuted with the EP “Inma” in 2016, a project celebrated for its emotional depth and cultural significance, drawing praise for its blend of pop and electronic music infused with Anangu languages.

Electric Fields’ impact has been acknowledged with several awards, including Best New Talent of the Year at the 2017 National Indigenous Music Awards. Their journey saw them narrowly missing the chance to represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, finishing second in Eurovision – Australia Decides with their song “2000 and Whatever.” Despite this, their career continued to ascend, marked by significant performances, including a collaboration with Norwegian group Keiino and appearances at major events like the Sydney Cricket Ground for Mardi Gras.

As “two feminine brothers,” Fielding and Ross defy conventional boundaries, embracing their queer identity and fostering a close, non-romantic friendship. Their motto, “bypass the barriers,” exemplifies their approach to music and life, encouraging authenticity and unity.

Zaachariaha Fielding, the eldest of nine, hails from Mimili in the APY lands of north-west South Australia, with a background enriched by Indigenous Australian music. His talents extend beyond music to the visual arts, where he has received significant accolades including the Wynne Prize and the Ramsay Art Prize People’s Choice prize in 2023. Michael Ross, influenced by an eclectic mix of musical greats, brings a rich tapestry of sounds to the duo.

Their story, captured in the documentary “Voice From The Desert,” reflects their artistic journey and cultural heritage. As they prepare to take the Eurovision stage in 2024, Electric Fields continue to illuminate the power of music as a bridge between cultures, stories, and hearts. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the final.


One Milkali (One Blood)

🇦🇺 Australia



Zaachariaha Fielding
Michael Ross

Zaachariaha Fielding
Michael Ross

Alyson Joyce
Brendan MacLean
Fred Leone
Simi Vuata

Results Semi

Points: 41
Position: 11
Running order: 13

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –