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Dream Express

Group members:Bianca Maessen
Patricia Maessen
Stella Maessen
Luc Smets
National Finals:Eurosong 1977
ESC Entries:A million in one, two, three (1977)


Dream Express was a Belgian band, excisting of the three Dutch sisters Bianca, Stella and Patricia Maessen and the Belgian musician Luc Smets. The Maessen sisters had performed previously under the name of Hearts of Soul and Luc Smets was a member of the famous Belgian band The Pebbles. Their first single together, “Dream Express”, was a huge hit in Belgium, reaching the #2 spot in the Flemish charts. In 1977 they took part in Eurosong, the Belgian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, with three songs. The winning song “A million in one, two, three” was the Belgian entry for the international final.  During the rehearsals, the girls wore different clothes, but BBC television objected against the see-through blouses. The girls had to decide for other clothes. Being one of the favourites to win the contest, a 7th place might have been a disappointment. 
In 1979, Patricia left the band. They now took the name LBS (Luc Bianca Stella) and made a few singles. They quit in 1981.
Bianca released a few records in the early 1980s. Stella went solo and represented Belgium in the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest. Patricia became a studio musician and was a backing vocal in Eurovision twice. She passed away 15 may 1996, aged 44.


Artist:Dream Express
Song:A million in one, two, three
Lyrics:Luc Smets
Composer(s):Luc Smets
Conductor:Alyn Ainsworth
Running order:17