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Caline & Olivier Toussaint

Group members:Corinne Sauvage
Olivier Toussaint
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Les jardins de Monaco (1978)


Caline, real name Corinne Sauvage, is a French singer and comedian. Beginning in 1973, under a first pseudonym of Caline, chosen by the Philips record company, she recorded several singles. In 1977, she participated in the the French preselection at the Eurovision Song Contest 1977, under a new name, Corinne Colbert. She sang a song called “La poupée”. The following year she represented Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest 1978 under her first artist name, Caline, performing in duet with Olivier Toussaint “Les jardins de Monaco”. The song was released in several European countries.
Corinne Sauvage released  “La dernière licorne” in 1985,  followed by “Je veux vivre” . In 1986, she played  “La chanson de She-Ra” et “J’ai le pouvoir” with Bernard Minet. Corinne Colbert also recorded the voices of several cartoons. In 1992, she took her first film role in Claude Lelouch’s film “La Belle Histoire”. In 2015, Corinne Sauvage published a last album so far.

Olivier Toussaint is a French singer and songwriter. He began working with composer Paul de Senneville in 1968. Shortly after, they began to compose many songs together. Their compositions were recorded by famous singers such as Michel Polnareff, Christophe, Dalida, Petula Clark, Claude François and Mireille Mathieu. Olivier Toussaint and Paul de Senneville created a record label and started the group “Pop Concerto Orchestra”. In this group, Toussaint was a singer. Then, they launched a second rock ‘n’ roll band, Anarchic System. Over a period of 5 years, these two groups have sold several million records.


Artist:Caline & Olivier Toussaint
Song:Les jardins de Monaco
Lyrics:Didier Barbelivien
Jean Albertini
Composer(s):Paul de Senneville
Olivier Toussaint
Conductor:Yvon Rioland

Francine Chantereau
Georges Costa
Michel Costa
Martine Latorre
Gérard Daguerre

Running order:14