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Anna Maria Jopek

© Adam Kumiszcza, Wikimedia Commons

Name:Anna Maria Jopek
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Ale jestem (1997)


Anna Maria Jopek is a distinguished Polish musician and singer who has had a significant impact on the contemporary music scene in Poland. Born on December 14, 1970, in Warsaw, Poland, Jopek grew up in a musical family, which greatly influenced her career trajectory.

Jopek studied piano at the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, as well as in Paris. Her distinctive musical style has often been associated with jazz, but she has successfully blended a variety of genres including folk, pop, and classical music.

In 1994, Jopek gained prominence in the Polish music scene when she won the Polish qualifiers for the Eurovision Song Contest. Although she didn’t win the international contest, this event helped her build a name for herself in the music industry.

She released her debut album, “Ale jestem” in 1997, and has since then released a prolific number of albums which showcase her vocal and instrumental talents, as well as her eclectic musical taste. Her albums have featured collaborations with prominent musicians from around the world, including Pat Metheny, a well-known American jazz guitarist and composer, on the album “Upojenie” in 2002.

In 2002, she was nominated for a Fryderyk award, the most prestigious music award in Poland, in the category of Best Female Vocalist. This recognition cemented her status as one of Poland’s foremost contemporary musicians.


Artist:Anna Maria Jopek
Song:Ale jestem
Lyrics:Magda Czapińska
Composer(s):Tomasz Lewandowski
Conductor:Krzesimir Dębski

Robert Amirian
Dorota Miśkiewicz
Agnieszka Piotrowska
2 other musicians, names unknown

Running order:12