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Anna Rossinelli


Quick Facts

Anna Rossinelli

20 April 1987

🇨🇭 Swiss

National Selection
Die grosse Entscheidungs Show 2011

In Eurovision
2011 Düsseldorf

In Love For A While (2011)


Anna Rossinelli is a Swiss singer-songwriter, best known for representing Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011.

Rossinelli was born on April 20, 1987, in Basel, Switzerland. She developed an interest in music from an early age and began her career as a street musician, performing in various Swiss cities.

In 2011, Rossinelli was chosen to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, Germany, with the song “In Love for a While.” This song was her debut single, and the positive, upbeat track caught the attention of Eurovision viewers. Rossinelli and her band managed to qualify for the final round of the competition, marking Switzerland’s first entry into the Eurovision finals since 2006. They ultimately finished in 25th place out of 26, but the exposure helped Rossinelli gain a larger following.

Following Eurovision, Rossinelli and her band, which includes musicians Georg Dillier and Manuel Meisel, released their debut album, “Bon Voyage,” in 2011. The album was successful in Switzerland and led to several successful follow-up albums, including “Marylou” in 2013, which reached number one on the Swiss Albums Chart, and “Marylou Two” in 2014. The single “Shine In The Light” was used by Swiss Television, SRF, as the official song for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

In 2015, Anna Rossinelli released a new album, “Takes Two To Tango”. The album was recorded in the USA. The first single from the album was “Bang Bang Bang”, followed in 2016 by “Broken Hearted”. In October of that year, the single “Speechless” came out.

On 5 October 2018, after a long time in studio and playing festivals, Anna and her band released a new single: “Hold Your Head Up”. The song reached the Swiss charts. The song was a teaser from the new album “White Garden” that was released in January 2019.

In the 2020 season Anna Rossinelli became one of the coaches in The Voice Switzerland. At the same time she released a brand new single, “Without A Parachute”, the title track of the movie Jagdzeit. In April of the same year she feautured in the song “Victoria Line” of the Swiss band Pegasus. This song reached the 19th place in the Swiss charts.

It was in May 2021 when a new single, “Forevermore”, was released. It was followed in October by “Somebody Like You”. In November of that year she made her debut as an actress: she was a police officer in the TV-series Tschugger. In 2023 she was part of the tv-show Sing Mein Song Schweiz. One of the songs she sang was Peter Reber’s “Djambo Djambo“.

On February 1st 2023 Rossinelli signed a contract with Sony Music Switzerland. In the same month, their first single at their new label, “Mother” was released, followed by the album with the same name, released in September. “The World Is Yours” was the 2nd single, “I Used To Be Young” the third, followed by “Backstabber”. The 5th one, “Daddy isn’t home” was a personal one for Anna, while her own father passed away quite young. Meanwhile, Anna became a mother herself.


In Love For A While

🇨🇭 Switzerland



David Klein

David Klein

Georg Dillier
Manuel Meisel

Results Semi

Points: 55
Position: 10
Running order: 8

Results Finals

Points: 19
Position: 25
Running order: 13