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© Albin Olsson, Wikimedia Commons


Quick Facts

Agnete Kristin Johnsen Saba

04 July 1994

🇳🇴 Norwegian

National Selection
Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2016
Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2011

In Eurovision
2016 Stockholm

Icebreaker (2016)


Agnete Kristin Johnsen Saba, known by various names including Agnete Saba, Agnete Johnsen, or simply Agnete, is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. Agnete was born on July 4, 1994, in Varangerbotn, Nesseby, located in Finnmark, Norway. She comes from an ethnic Sami background and is the daughter of Sami children’s author Signe Iversen. In 2020, she changed her surname to Saba, adopting her grandmother’s maiden name.

She started het career as a member of The BlackSheeps. The group was formed in 2008 while the band members were attending school in their hometown of Nesseby. They achieved success by winning Melodi Grand Prix Junior 2008 with their song “Oro jaska, beana” (“Be quiet, dog”), which was performed in both Norwegian and Northern Sami. The band also won the MGP Nordic 2008 competition. Their song “Oro jaska, beana” won the Song of the Year award at the Spellemannprisen Awards and reached number one on the Norwegian singles chart.

In 2011, The BlackSheeps participated in Melodi Grand Prix 2011 with the song “Dance Tonight,” where they secured the second place. However, they disbanded later that year.

In 2013, Agnete competed in the second season of the Norwegian music TV competition Stjernekamp, finishing as the runner-up. She also performed as an interval act during Melodi Grand Prix Junior 2013.

From 2014 onwards, Agnete took part in the tenth season of the Norwegian version of Dancing with the Stars called Skal vi danse? (Shall we dance?) and emerged as the winner. In 2015, she participated in the Norwegian reality television series 71° nord but left early due to mental health issues.

Agnete competed in Melodi Grand Prix 2016 with the song “Icebreaker” and emerged as the winner, receiving the most votes from the Norwegian public. Although she represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest, she failed to qualify for the final during the second semi-final held in Stockholm on May 12, 2016.

Agnete made a comeback on November 6, 2020, with her new single titled “Beginning of the End.” In January 2021, she participated in the show “Hver gang vi møtes” (the Norwegian version of “The Best Singers”). On March 5 of the same year, she released the single “Solid” followed by the EP “Tundra.” Additionally, on August 30, a documentary titled “Agnete Jienáda,” focusing on Agnete and her Sami background, was released on NRK Web-TV.

On July 8, 2022, Agnete released a new song called “Pusterom.” She also performed on the show “Allsang på grensen” and had a duet with Ronan Keating. Agnete took part in the all-stars version of “Skal vi danse.” In the same year, she collaborated with the Isaakband and featured on their new single, “Oainnán du.”

In 2023, Agnete hosted the Sámi Grand Prix alongside Ole Nedrejord.



🇳🇴 Norway



Agnete Johnsen
Gabriel Alares
Ian Curnow

Agnete Johnsen
Gabriel Alares
Ian Curnow

Gabriel Alares
Nicoline Berg Kaasin
Charlotte Bredesen
Ingunn Dalland

Sara Christine Einbu

Results Semi

Points: 63
Position: 13
Running order: 15

Results Finals

Points: –
Position: –
Running order: –