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Blast from the past: Germany 1992

We know a lot about Eurovision; this is knowledge we want to share with you. Therefore we’d like to bring you a blast from the past. Back to 1992, the German entry, “Träume sind für alle da”, sung by Wind.

Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest

The golden years for Germany have ended. With a first place for Nicole in 1992 and second places for Wind in 1985 and 1987, Germany was the country to beat. But after Wind’s second time at the Eurovision stage, it stopped. The 1991 entry even was a total failure: three countries saved Atlantis 2000 from zero. Something had to be done to change this.

Ein Lied für Malmö

The national preselection was called “Ein Lied für Malmö” (A song for Malmö). German broadcaster MDR (Mittel Deutsche Rundfunk) organized the preselection, which was held on March 30 in Magdeburg, hosted by Carmen Nebel. Six singers and groups each had one song. Only the group Blaue Engel had never before taken part in a German Eurovision final.

  1. Bernhard Brink sang “Der letzte Traum“, 4th with 0 points
  2. Relax sang “Blue Farewell River“, 4th with 0 points
  3. Susan Schubert sang “Shalalaika“, 4th with 0 points
  4. Blaue Engel sang “Licht am Horizont“, 2nd with 3 points
  5. Lena Valaitis sang “Wir seh’n uns wieder“, 3rd with 1 point
  6. Wind sang “Träume sind für alle da“, 1st with 7 points

The votes were cast by the 11 regional juries.


For a third time, the Germans chose Wind from Munich to represent them. At that moment, only two of the original group members, Sami Kalifa and Petra Scheeser, were around. The others were singer Albert Oberloher, Stefan Maro, Tina Hierstetter and Oliver Hahn. Wind was made up by singer/songwriter Hanne Haller in 1985. They were the surprise winners of the 1985 German final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Their song “Für Alle” was the hot favorite to win the contest. However, the group became 2nd. In 1987, with a new singer, they did the same. Note that in “Laß die Sonne in dein Herz” Rob Pilatus was one of the band members. Rob became famous (and infamous) as one of the two Milli Vanilli boys, who appeared not to sing their own songs.
Wind released a total of 21 studio albums and started to become more and more a concept in stead of a band. They still exist, but none of the 1992 members still sing in Wind.

Träume sind für alle da

The song “Träume sind für alle da” (Dreams are there for all) was a typical 1990s German Eurovision schlager, but not really a song that many liked. The song was composed by Ralph Siegel, with lyrics from Bernd Meinunger. You can read the full lyrics here.


Third time was clearly NOT a charm for Wind. With points from no more than 5 countries (10 from Portugal!), Wind ended up in 16th place. Wind did to later attempts to get to the Eurovision stage, but both times they failed.


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