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Lena Valaitis

Name:Anelė Luise Valaitytė
National Finals:German final 1976, Ein Lied für Dublin 1981, Ein Lied für Malmö 1992
ESC Entries:Johnny Blue (1981)


Lena Valaitis is a Lithuanian-born German Schlagersinger. er musical career started with her band Frederik Brothers. In 1970, she got her first single “Halt das Glück für uns fest”. Her first success came in 1971 with the German recording of the “Nickel Songs” (Ob es so oder so, oder anders kommt). In 1976, the she reached the top 20 of the German single charts for the first time. In the same year she took part in the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Du machst Karriere”. Furthermore, she lent her voice in the successful feature film “Mädchenkrieg” (1977).
Valaitis celebrated her greatest success in 1981, when she took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin with the song “Johnny Blue” and took second place. In in the following years Valaitis released some records, including a duet with Costa Cordalis. In 1982, she played the closing song of the cartoon “Mrs. Brisby und das Geheimnis von NIMH” (in the original Flying Dreams, sung by Paul Williams) in German. In 1992 she took part in the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time with “Wir seh’n uns wieder”. At the end of 1993 she retired from show business. 
In 2001 she made a comeback; later  the duet with Hansi Hinterseer “Was kann ich denn dafür” (2002) was especially successful. In the spring of 2008, her new single “Du bist nicht allein” was released, with which she was also seen in various TV shows. After her husband, Horst Jüssen, died on 10 November 2008, the release of a planned album was postponed. Only one year later, she started performing again. In 2010, she released a new album.


Artist:Lena Valaitis
Song:Johnny Blue
Lyrics:Bernd Meinunger
Composer(s):Ralph Siegel
Conductor:Wolfgang Rödelberger
Backings:John Wiseman
4 others, names unknown
Running order:3

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