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March 12, 2022

Cornelia Jakobs wins Melodifestivalen

Cornelia Jakobs iss the winner of Melodifestivalen 2022. She will thus represent Sweden in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Hold me closer”. The song is written and composed by Isa Molin, David Zandén and Cornelia Jakobs herself. Sweden will perform in the 2nd half of the 2nd semifinal. The full result of the national final is: Cornelia Jakobs, “Hold me closer”, 146 pts. Anders Bagge, “Bigger than the universe”, 121 pts. Medina, “In i dimman”, 109 pts. Liamoo, “Bluffin”, 91 pts. Tone Sekelius, “My way”, 84 pts. Klara Hammarström, “Run to the hills”, 83 pts. Theoz, “Som du vill”, 65 pts. John Lundvik, “Änglavakt”, 60 pts. Cazzi Opeia, “I can’t get enough”, 55 pts. Faith Kakembo, “Freedom”, 51 pts. Robin Bengtsson, “Innocent love”, 34 pts. Anna Bergendahl, “Higher power”, 29 pts.

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Portugal: Festival da Cançao final

Tonight, the final of Festival da Canção 2022, the Portuguese national selection, will take place. The show will start at 22:00 CET and you can watch it here and here. The contestants are: 1 Dégrá dê Pongo & Tristany 2 Ainda nos temos Syro 3 Corpo de mulher Milhanas 4 Fome de viagem Inês Homem de Melo 5 Why? Aurea 6 Amanhã Os Quatro de Meia 7 Como é bom esperar alguém FF 8 Ginger ale Diana Castro 9 Saudade, saudade Maro 10 Código 30 Pepperoni Passion

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Iceland: Söngvakeppnin final

Tonight, the final of the Icelandic national selection, Söngvakeppnin, will take place. The show will be on at 20.45 CET and you can watch it here. 5 songs will compete, two will head to the superfinal. One of them will be the song for Turin. The songs are: 1 Ljósið Stefán Óli 2 Með hækkandi sól Sigga, Beta & Eilín 3 Turn this around Reykjavíkurdætur 4 Þaðan af Katla 5 Don’t you know Amarosis   Note that Sigga is NOT the Sigga who represented Iceland on three occasions.

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Sweden: Melodifestivalen final

On 20.00 CET tonight, the long awaited final of Melodifestivalen 2022 will take place. You can watch the show here. These are the participants: 1 Run to the hills Klara Hammerström 2 Som du vill Theoz 3 Higher power Anna Bergendahl 4 Änglavakt John Lundvik 5 My way Tone Sekelius 6 Bigger than the universe Anders Bagge 7 Innocent love Robin Bengtsson 8 Freedom Faith Kakembo 9 Bluffin Liamoo 10 Hold me closer Cornelia Jakobs 11 I can’t get enough Cazzi Opeia 12 Medina In i damman Klara Hammarström took part in the 2020 semifinals and became 6th in 2021.Anna Bergendahl won Melodifestivalen 2010 and thus represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2019, she became 10th. In 2020 she was 3rd.John Lundvik became 3rd in 2018 and won 2019 Melodifestivalen. He represented Sweden in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.Robin Bengtsson took part in 2016 (5th), 2017 (winner) and 2020 (8th). He represented Sweden in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.Faith Kakembo took part in the 2020 semifinals.Liamoo became 6th in Melodifestivalen 2018 and 2nd (with Hanna Fern) in 2019.

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Armenia: Rosa Linn will go to Turin

Today it was announced: it’s gonna be Rosa Linnn for Turin. Rosa Linn is 21 years old. Her real name is Roza Kostandyan. In 2013, she participated in the national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. However, she rose to fame last year, when she featured a song by American singer Kiiara. On march 19th, Rosa Linn will present her Eurovision Song to the audience.

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