March 2021

Road to Rotterdam: The Netherlands

Host country The Netherlands will be represented by Jeangu Macrooy this year. He would have participated last year and was immediately chosen by Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS to do the job in 2021. The song he will sing is called “Birth of a new age”.

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Vasil’s response to North Macedonian people

As you all could read here there is a lot of opposition against Vasil’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Vasil came up with his own statement today: “I am a music ambassador, and in music there is no religion, politics, orientation, race or color. I had absolutely no intentions to hurt anybody. Quite the opposite! I am so proud of this project which not only embodies me, but my country and culture – musicians and featured artists in the gallery. I do not apologise for being me. I never will – I didn’t have a choice in that. However, if I hurt ANYBODY in ANY WAY, from the bottom of my heart … I am sorry. Forgive me.”

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