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Slovenia: Ana Soklič reveals entry

Tonight is the night for Slovenia: Ana Soklič will reveal her song for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in a show called EMA 2021. It will be broadcast at 20:00 CET and you can watch it here.

In other years, EMA was the national final in which the Slovenian entry for the contest was chosen. This year, it will be different. One of the main reasons is that Slovenian TV-station RTVSLO decided to select Ana Soklič for the contest. She was supposed to represent her country in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.

Another important reason is that this year, it’s 60 years ago that for the first time, a Slovenian entry joined the Eurovision stage. By then, Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia. Ljiljana Petrović, a Serbian singer, won the Yugoslav preselection on behalve of RTV Ljubljana. The famous Slovenian composer Jože Privšek composed the entry “Neke davne zvezde”. EMA 2021 will be a tribute to 60 years of Slovenia in Eurovision.


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