In memory of Toše Proeski

Today, exactly 13 years ago, it was a very sad day for North-Macedonia. One of the most popular singers from this country, Toše Proeski, died in a car accident.
Proeski rose to fame in 1997 when he participated in the national festival Makfest with the song “Pušti me”. He took part in several contests after this, both in North-Macedonia and abroad.

In 2003 Proeski won Beovizija. In that year, Serbia and Montenegro was not allowed to take part in Eurovision; in later years, Beovizija became the national selection for the contest.

One year later, North-Macedonia selected Toše Proeski to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest with his song “Angel si ti”, Which was sung in English during the contest as “Life”. The song reached the final and became 14th there.

When Toše Proeski died, the day of his funeral became a national day of mourning in North-Macedonia. And still, he is a hero in his country and abroad. Let us never forget Toše Proeski.

photo: Danny Mekic, Wikimedia Commons


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