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Blast from the past: Romania 2004

We know a lot about Eurovision; this is knowledge we want to share with you. Therefore we’d like to bring you a blast from the past. Back to 2004, when Sanda represented Romania with “I admit”. Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest In the Eurovision Song Contest, Romania did not do bad, but real top scores were yet to come. It was “Tell me why”, the song with which Monica Anghel and Marcel Pavel reached the 9th place, the best score so far. In 2003, Nicola became 10th. That was enough for Romania to be placed directly in the 2004 final. National selection The Romanian national selection contained two semifinals: one with 12 and one with 11 songs. On March 13, Dan Teodorescu and Nicola hosted the national final with, again, 12 songs. The contest was held in the TVR TV-Studios in Bucharest. Supermarket with “De 2 ore te astept“, 12th with 0 points Nico with “Feeling snow white“, 9th with 4 points Shake with “Music”, 11th with 1 point Andra with “Just a little love“, 2nd with 17 points Elena Cârstea with “Don’t be afraid“, 4th with 16 points Paula Seling with “Perfect“, 6th with 8 points Salamandra with “Într-o zi“, 6th with 8 points Maria Radu with “All this time“, 2nd with 17 points Sanda Ladoşi with “I admit“, 1st with 24 points Parlament with “Tot pe ea“, 5th with 9 points Alexandra Ungureanu with “Happy“, 9th with 4 points Hara with “Lovely“, 6th with 8 points Sanda Sanda Ladoși was born in Târgu Mures, Romania, on january 2nd 1970. She started making music at a very young age. It was in 1988 when she first won an award at the Mamaia festival. She won the contest again in 1994 in duet with Ștefan Iordache. Sanda released four albums in the nineties. In 1999 she took part in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Five years later she was a participant again, but this time she won. Her Eurovision song “I admit” was included in her fifth album “Khalinin”, which was released in 2006. After this album, she decided to withdraw from showbusiness and become a mother. She has 2 children now.  A few years later, Sanda Ladoși came back with shows and concerts, but also developed a new passion. She became a circus acrobat. In addition, she appeared as a guest in many plays at the “Constantin Tanase” Magazine Theater. In 2017, Sanda Ladoși became deputy director of the Metropolitan Circus in Bucharest. I admit The Eurovision Song “I admit” was an uptempo song. “I admit I fell for you so badly and I admit you make my senses wild”, Sanda sang. You can find the full lyrics of the song here. During the performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, Sanda was joined by to singers and 3 dancers. She was wearing a black romper suit. The act was more of a dance act than a singing act. Results The voting became a big disappointment for Romania. With 10 points, awarded by the Spanish jury but furthermore only a few points from Cyprus (3), Israel (1) and Portugal (4), Romania ended up with a total of 18 points and an 18th place.  

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