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S10 prefers the small theaters in Paris and Berlin

Today we had the opportunity to talk to Stien den Hollander. You know her better as S10, the Dutch candidate for the festival in Turin. “We’ve been keeping an eye on it from the start, of course, and we really just wanted to see all of your faces too,” S10 explains why she’s so curious about the fan media. Not a lot of choreogrography The conversation soon came to the rehearsals: “Of course there are some problems with the sun, I think everyone suffers from that. So do we, but not too much because our act was also quite intimate and small.”, says S10 light-hearted. “We’ve actually built the show in a way that I’m very free in where I look and stand,” the singer explains about the act. “So there’s not a lot of choreography in terms of looking. When the camera is very close to me, I look into it and that feels nice to me. Then I enclose myself completely and I actually do things for the people at home. Not like Now I have to look here and oh yes, now I have to look there, that would really be a bit too much for me.” I couldn’t wait “I also saw the stand-in rehearsal”, the singer said, “That was crazy. They pick out someone who looks a bit like you, so it was a blonde girl too, but she was pretty sultry and pretty sexy. She had quite a sexy interpretation of “De diepte”, which I really liked, because it was something different. It was good to see because then you really see: oh yes, we made this and now she is performing it there.” “I wasn’t nervous at all for the first rehearsal. It was also nice because it was still quite private. It just felt really good. The very first rehearsal went really well for me. We could just really do some stuff. I am of course completely in my own focus. I look into the camera and i don’t see what’s happening behind me. We had the first rehearsal on Saturday and the second rehearsal on Wednesday and I couldn’t wait for Wednesday. I really wanted to get on that stage again.” Small theaters S10 also looked ahead, because she possibly can end up high in the contest. So, what would be next? “It is quite difficult to estimate that. Thinking: the higher you finish, the bigger your career i think can be or become abroad. I would like, if I finish high, for example to do a tour through Europe end of this year, but especially the small theaters in Paris or Berlin, for example, a bit underground. I wouldn’t fly to LA to sign a contract there.” Music first and rock and roll never dies And who does she think, will win? “If there is someone I would really like to see win, it is Sam Ryder. I just think he is so nice and so sympathetic and such an appearance. Still find it quite difficult to place all Eurovision candidates in a sort of ranking. I feel like there were about five artists last year who we thought: yes, they can all win. I think i can really see Sam Ryder winning.”And if S10 would win herself, what would she say? “I still don’t really have a plan for that. Maybe I’ll just say ‘Music first’ and ‘Rock and roll never dies’, just a copy of the other artists who won.”  

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