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Vesa-Matti Loiri passed away

This week, Finnish singer and actor Vesa-Matti Loiri passed away. Loiri, who was nicknamed Vesku, was a Finnish actor, comedian, singer and musician. He is considered one of Finland’s most versatile entertainment artists. He was one of the biggest names in Finnish art and entertainment. Loiri has acted in theatre, films and television. As a comedian, he is known for television programs and movies. As a singer, Loiri gained popularity, especially as an interpreter of songs composed to Eino Leino’s poems. He has also recorded Finnish hits. In 1975, he took part in Euroviisut, the Finnish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. His song “Laulu” became 3rd. Four years later, with “Huilumies”, he was more succesful. He was chosen to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, in the international final in Den Haag, it was not a great success. He became last. In 2014, Loiri appeared in the third season of the Finnish TV series Vain läämää. Loiri died of cancer on August 10, 2022. “He was one of Finland’s most well-known, most loved and most successful entertainment artists of all time,” music editor Ilkka Mattila describes Loiri.’s career in the death news.

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Emmelie de Forest

About Quick Facts NameEmmelie Charlotte-Victoria De Forrest Born28 February 1993 Nationality🇩🇰 Danish National SelectionDansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013 In Eurovision2013 Malmö SongOnly Teardrops (2013) Biography Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria de Forest was born on 28 February 1993 in Randers, Denmark. Music ran in her veins; she claims descent from Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Her father is Swedish, and her mother is Danish. Emmelie began singing at a young age. At just 14, she began performing in local festivals, singing jazz classics from the 1930s and 1940s. This early exposure to music set the foundation for her future career. Emmelie de Forest’s big breakthrough came in 2013 when she represented Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Malmö, Sweden. With her song “Only Teardrops,” she managed to captivate audiences and judges alike, leading to her winning the contest. The song went on to become a major hit not only in Denmark but also across Europe.  Following her Eurovision win, Emmelie released her debut album, also titled “Only Teardrops,” which featured a collection of tracks showcasing her distinct vocal style. She went on tours, performed at various concerts, and became a well-recognized name in the European music scene. On 7 February 2014, Emmelie de Forest introduced her third single, “Rainmaker,” through a video upload. She delved into its significance, providing a sneak peek of the song. This tune became the official #JoinUs anthem for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and de Forest showcased it live during the event’s final in Copenhagen’s B&W Hallerne. She described “Rainmaker” as a song that encapsulates the unity of a tribe invoking the rain to rejuvenate their parched land. However, she expanded its meaning, suggesting that the rainmaker could symbolize anyone or anything – emphasizing collaboration and mutual aid. Reflecting on her post-Eurovision victory, de Forest exclaimed, “Touring Europe, dropping my first album, penning numerous songs – truly, I’m living the dream!” In a September 2014 discussion with Wiwibloggs, de Forest mentioned she was in the midst of recording her sophomore album, initially set for a February 2015 launch. By 14 July, “Rainmaker” had achieved Gold status. Then, on 3 August 2014, she shared on Facebook her plans to debut her upcoming album’s first single, “Drunk Tonight,” at the Amsterdam Pride 2014. Through Instagram, she revealed glimpses of the song and its upcoming music video. The single hit the shelves on 18 August, followed by its music video release on 25 August. Emphasizing the video’s aesthetic, in which she appears in a swimsuit, de Forest aimed for a blend of “elegance and allure.” Come December 2015, de Forest departed from Universal Music Group, subsequently partnering with Swedish entity, Cosmos Music. As a lyricist, she contributed to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016 with “Never Alone,” performed by Anja Nissen. However, its eligibility wavered as de Forest had showcased the song earlier. Yet, the European Broadcasting Union, responsible for Eurovision’s organization, greenlit it. The song contended in the 13 February 2016 final, securing a spot in the super final and finishing second. In the UK’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, de Forest returned as a songwriter, penning “Never Give Up on You” for Lucie Jones. This song clinched the top spot and later ranked 15th at the Eurovision in Kyiv. November 2017 saw de Forest releasing “Sanctuary,” marking her first venture after her Universal exit. February 9, 2018, witnessed the unveiling of her second album, “History.” Aligning with independent label Day In Day Out Records, under Cosmos Music’s umbrella, she launched “Typical Love Song” on 8 October 2021. In November of the same year, she played a role in the short film “Text Me When You Get Home” about the ordinary fear and paranoia of being a woman walking home alone. Entries Only Teardrops Country🇩🇰 Denmark Year2013 LanguageEnglish LyricsLise CabbleJulia Fabrin JacobsenThomas Stengaard MusicLise CabbleJulia Fabrin JacobsenThomas Stengaard BackingsAnne MurilloHeidi DegnAnders ØhrstrømMorten Specht Larsen (drums)Jacob Bagøe Thomsen (drums) Results Semi Points: 167Position: 1Running order: 5 Results Finals Points: 281Position: 1Running order: 18

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