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Will Kalush represent Ukraine?


Will Ukraine still participate? OGEA Ukraine states that national broadcaster UA:PBC has asked Kalush if he wants to represent Ukraine at The Eurovision Song Contest 2022, after Vidbir winner Alina Pash has withdrawn because of her travel documents.

In a recent interview with Kalush on Radio NV he says he’s ready to go to Eurovision and that he will sign the participation documents today. Broadcaster UA:PBC hasn’t said anything yet about the possibility of withdrawing or selecting a new artist.

In 2019 a pattern like this happened aswell. Maruv won Vidbir but wasn’t able to travel to Tel Aviv ‘cause she wouldn’t sign a contract where she was held from performing in Russia. The runner up and third place didn’t want to follow up Maruv and so Ukraine decided to withdraw from that year’s contest.


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