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Welcome back Luxembourg!

Luxembourg is back

Great news today for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Although the host country will of course be announced in the night from Saturday to Sunday, but we already know that one country will return that last participated thirty years ago: Luxembourg!

Martin Österdahl

Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor says: “We are thrilled to welcome Luxembourg back to the Eurovision Song Contest after thirty years. The country has one of the most successful records in the Contest with five victories in its first three decades of the competition alone. We very much look forward to working with RTL on their return to the world’s biggest musical event in 2024.”


Luxembourg participated for the first time in 1956, during the very first Eurovision song contest. No victory then, but the Luxembourgians did not have to await a victory very long. In 1961 Jean-Claude Pascal won with “Nous les amoureux”. The first, but certainly not the last Luxembourg victory. They were France Gall (“Poupée de cire, poupée de son” in 1965), Vicky Leandros (“Après toi” in 1972), Anne Marie David (“Tu te reconnaîtras” in 1973) and Corinne Hermes (“Si la vie est gift” in 1983) who won the first prize. A striking similarity between all winners: they did not come from Luxembourg itself. The Grand Duchy usually resorted artists from abroad; French artists often took part, but artists from other countries were also present. An example is the Spanish duo Baccara, who took part in 1978.


In 1993 it was the group Modern Times that took part. At that time there were no semifinals. A country that finished very low had to skip a year. It happened to Luxembourg. After that year we never saw the country again. So until today, now that the joyful news came that we have a Luxembourg entry next year!


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