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VAL will not represent Belarus

Belarus will not be represented by the duo VAL in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Belarusian state television company BTRC has confirmed that. VAL was chosen to represent Belarus in the, cancelled, 2020 contest.

In an interview, Vlad and Valerie stated that BTRC decided not to invite them for two reasons: they had given their critical opinian about current president Alexander Lukashenko, and they did not perform on shows, organized by the authorities.

BTRC denies this. According to them, they did not invite VAL for the upcoming contest because they were in fact not the winners of the national selection. Both jury and televoters had them in 2nd place. “Da vidna” won the overall voting. A strange argumentation. If you follow that line, Duncan Laurence was also not the winner of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

We are anxious who wás, according to BTRC, the winner of the national final. Yan Yarosh, the jury winner, or Chakras, who won the televoting?


The protests against Lukashenko remain. We don’t know what will happen in the near future in Belarus, so we got the feeling this story is going to be continued…

source: ATN News



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