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Tonight: Eurovision Song Celebration 2020

Tonight should’ve been the night of the first semifinal. Unfortunately, as we all know, it’s not going to happen. Therefore, EBU offers an alternative: Eurovision Song Celebration. The show will start at 21:00 CET on the Eurovision Youtube Channel!

What does it contain? Well, according to the EBU, it’s this: “During the show, you can expect exciting interval entertainment. If you’ve ever wondered what The Roop’s On Fire would sound like if it was sung by Elvis or how Little Big’s song UNO would sound in an acoustic version, you’re in luck! The classic Eurovision challenge “Switch Your Genre” is back! YouTube Creators from all over Europe will react to the songs and will be included in both shows. While there will be no competitive element in these productions, you can expect many more surprises along the way! To pay tribute to the loyalty of the Eurovision fan base, the Eurovision Song Celebration shows will include the first-ever Fan Recaps. Instead of the classic recap of the participating songs, we’ll watch fans sing, dance and party along to the songs of 2020.”

Note that also the Dutch, German and Italian songs are included! Enjoy!


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