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TIX meets youngsters with Gilles de la Tourette

It is quite common that participants in the Eurovision Song Contest do something else than rehearse in the two weeks that they are present at the Eurovision Song Contest. However, this is not possible this year due to COVID19. TIX, the Norwegian singer, found a solution for that. A number of young people who, like him, have Gilles de la Tourette, had gathered in the Norwegian embassy. They made contact with their famous companion through a video connection.

It felt special for TIX. “I see tics in some of you!” He exclaimed, “That’s so weird to see”. TIX visibly felt at ease. The fact that you are different makes you special, the singer stated. TIX does not think he would ever have become a singer without Tourette. Not that he wouldn’t want to, but he might not have the persistence to do so. He fought for acceptance. TIX reports that he has become very creative because of Tourette. He sees opportunities where others mainly see challenges and problems. He says he was always exhausted after school. It was moving when he spoke of a conversation he had with his mother, in which he expressed that he never thought he could ever have a girlfriend or a wife who would want to have children with him. Yet people turn out to be nicer than you might think. School is one big popularity contest. But after school it turns out that when you are nice to people, they are nice to you too.

TIX’ Tourette started with coughing while he did not have a cold. When it turned out that it was Tourette, his parents did everything to learn as much as possible about Tourette. It is very difficult to understand your 6-year-old child who does not have the words to explain what is bothering him. TIX’s parents had many conversations with teachers. TIX talks extensively about school, about how some teachers did not understand him but there were always teachers who stood up for him. At the end of the conversation, TIX asks the students if they got anything positive from their Tourette. With this question he made people think in a positive way.

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