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The Roop: health is above all contests

This is what Lithuanian contestants The Roop stated on their facebook page:

It’s sad, we don’t want to deny it. But health is above all contests. We promise not to lay down our hands and continue to spread the song and its dance around the world. Currently, the piece is beginning to reach foreign radio stations. We have already seen that “On Fire” is a very popular song and its path to people’s hearts is just beginning. We have succeeded in creating what unites people and spreads positivity. That is what we all desperately need now. And remember, it is not the competition itself that gives meaning to the song, but the people listening to the song. So, each of us can be an ambassador for a song and promote it. This year Lithuania has been highly regarded in the competition and that is already a great achievement. We have already proven that we can be visible, courageous, professional, we can be leaders. We wish you all the same for all of us and stay in our lives.

The group hopes to see what happens next with the competition in the near future – whether they have to go out in a year or whether they’ll have to rebuild everything. Currently, members of THE ROOP are quarantined at home and use this time to create new songs.


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