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Sietse Bakker optimistic about Eurovision 2021

Of course the logo of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest caused a lot of reactions, positive as well as negative. Sietse Bakker, executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, responded on those comments on his facebook page:

“When we started thinking about our artwork we quickly realised we didn’t want to abandon the style, while has great potential for TV. But we did want to ingest new energy into it, and encourage those who love the Eurovision Song Contest to look forward with hope and anticipation. The renewed logo symbolises the connecting power of the Contest and it shows that we are open to everything these 41 countries have to offer.”

He also looks forward to how the contest will be organized. And yes, he ís optimistic:

“The story will continue next year, no matter what and we hope to welcome the participants, press and fans to Rotterdam in May; physical if possible, virtual if necessary. Thanks to developments regarding vaccines and reliable rapid tests, we are now cautiously optimistic about what can be done responsibly in May. And all of Europe is now watching us. With creativity and decisiveness, inspired by that typical Rotterdam resilience, we are going to make something very special out of it, I am convinced of that!”



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