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Patrick Juvet passed away

Swiss pop star Patrick Juvet has died at the age of 70. His manager announced this news today.

Juvet was most famous in the 1970s after first being a fashion model. He released a total of 15 albums. A big hit in France was “La Musica” in 1972. One year later he represented his country in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Je vais me marier, Marie”.

Juvet scored even more with “Sonia” (1973). Other hits were “Ou sont les femmes?” (1977), “Got A Feeling, I Love America” ​​(1978) and “Lady Night” (1979). 

Juvet died on april 1 in an apartment in Barcelona. The cause of death is not yet known. “There will be an autopsy, I had him on the phone three days ago and I thought he sounded good,” his manager told the press.


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