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Norway, Lithuania and Israel tonight

Two countries start their series of national finals today, one continues. That means, a busy night for the national final addicts!

Norway is the first one, starting at 19:50 CET. You can watch the show here. Four songs will compete in duels. In the end, one song will go to the final. The contestants are:

  • Kim Rysstad, “Rainbow”
  • Raylee, “Wild”
  • Geirmund, “Come alive”
  • Lisa Børud, “Talking about us”.

Lithuania is the first one. They will start at 20:00 CET. The national final can be viewed here and here. The contestants will be:

  • Glossarium, “Game over”
  • Baltos Varnos, “Namų dvasia”
  • Justinas Lapatinskas, “Highway story”
  • Aistay, “Dangus man tu”
  • Petunija, “Show ya”
  • Lukas Norkūnas, “Atsiprašyk”
  • Donata Virbilaitė, “Made of wax”
  • Andy Vaic, “Why why why”
  • Aika, “Paradas”
  • Meandi, “DRIP”
  • Monika Marija, “If I leave”
  • Gabrielus Vagelis, “Tave čia randu”

Six of these songs will go to the semifinal. The other songs in the semifinals will be decided the upcoming two weeks.

Israel has a battle tonight between participants who form duos. At least two of them (but three is also possible if the judges want to save one of the artists) will go to the next round:

  • Ella-Lee Lahav & Orr Amrami-Brockman
  • Gaya Shaki & Lali Kolishkin

The show starts at 20:15. There is, as far as we know, no possibility to watch the battle live outside Israel, but the performances will soon be made available here.


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