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No Lady Gaga in Eurovision

Rumour has it that Lady Gaga is going to appear in the Eurovision Song Contest. That appears not to be true. Sietse Bakker, executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest, has responded on the rumour. Via Twitter, he said: “Not that I know of”. And believe us, nothing is going to happen in the Eurovision Song Contest without Sietse Bakker knowing about it. Also NPO denies Gaga’s participation.

The rumour came into the world when suddenly google mentioned Rotterdam, may 22 as a performance date of Lady Gaga. As google generates this thing automatically, it is a big questionmark how it came into the list of performances. Dutch journalist Richard van de Crommert remembered that in his podcast, his guest stylist Diek Pothoven said that the outfit he was most proud of, was the one of the not yet mentioned performer. Lady Gaga maybe, van de Crommert must have thought.

However, Lady Gaga’s performance would go straight into everything Dutch organizers NPO, NOS and AVROTROS had mentioned. The performers during the contest will be former Eurovision Stars and Dutch artists. Recently, it became known that the final will take much shorter than the one in Tel Aviv, where Madonna’s performance took a lot of time.


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