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Niels Olsen has to end career

People who visited Het Grote Songfestivalfeest in Amsterdam last weekend might have noticed that the song “Fly on the wings of love” was sung by only one Olsen Brother, Jørgen. Today, his brother Niels Noller Olsen announced that he has to end his career. In may this year, Niels was affected by an intracerebral bleeding. While still recovering, brain cancer was discovered a few months ago. Due to this illness, Niels had to decide to end his career.

The duo already performed together when they were 15 and 11 years old, but started as a duo in 1972. They performed in the national finals a lot of times, the first time being in 1978. “San Francisco” became a huge hit for the two.

International fame unexpectedly came in 2000 for the two. They made a comeback in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, won it and even won the international final.



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