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Montaigne represents Australia

Australia has a contestant. The expert jury and the televoters chose for Montaigne, the blue haired girl who will sing “Don’t break me”. Montaigne was the winner of the experts and number 2 at the televoting, that was won by Casey Donovan. The full result is:

  1. Montaigne, “Don’t break me”, 107 pts.
  2. Casey Donovan, “Proud”, 100 pts.
  3. Vanessa Amorosi, “Lessons of love”, 82 pts.
  4. Didirri, “Raw stuff”, 63 pts.
  5. Mitch Tambo, “Together”, 57 pts.
  6. Jaguar Jonze, “Rabbit hole”, 46 pts.
  7. Diana Rouvas, “Can we make heaven”, 42 pts.
  8. Jack Vidgen, “I am king I am queen”, 34 pts.
  9. iOTA, “Life”, 32 pts.
  10. Jordan-Ravi, “Pushing the stars”, 23 pts.


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