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🇧🇪 Luc Smets (Dream Express) passed away

Today, the sad news came to us that Luc Smets, member of the group Dream Express, passed away.

Luc Smets was born in Steendorp, Belgium, in 1947. When he was 19, he joined the band The Pebbles. He played the keyboard in the band. They had a couple of hits in Belgium, of which “Seven horses in the sky” and “Mackintosh” were the biggest. However, Smets had to leave the band. He started a new band, Shampoo. They started working with the Hearts Of Soul, a Dutch group. In the end, Luc joined the girls of the Hearts Of Soul, and together they started a new group: Dream Express.

In 1977 they won the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “A million in 1, 2, 3”. Despite being among the favourites, the four reached a 7th place. In 1981, one of the girls left the group, the others continued under the name LBS.

Smets also co-wrote the 1982 Eurovision song “Si tu aimes ma musique” for Stella. He also wrote numerous songs for Belgian national finals.

Subsequently, Luc made significant contributions to the music industry as a composer, arranger, and producer. His talents graced children’s TV shows.

In late 2002, he joined forces with some familiar faces, including Marcel De Cauwer, a former member of the Pebbles, to create the cover band “No Joke.” Luc was the go-to arranger and leader for the Strato-Vani orchestra, renowned for their fresh renditions of classic and popular tunes.

Tragically, after battling an illness, Luc departed on August 20, 2023, at 76 years old.



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