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Germany: Lord Of The Lost has won Unser Lied Für Liverpool

The annual German selection has taken place tonight. A lot of new talent has performed tonight, but the ultimate winner was Lord Of The Lost with “Blood & Glitter”. The Gothic band isn’t fully unknown troughout Europe, as they have toured with the popular Metal band Iron Maiden. 

The tour resulted in multiple hit singles, and even in giving it a shot on the Eurovision stage. They were given a tough spot, as they had to compete against the popular Ikke Hüftgold who won the TikTok wildcard.


This year’s jury for Unser Lied Für Liverpool was fully made out of former Eurovision artists, like Jamala, The Roop’s frontman Vaidotas, and Gjon’s Tears. Their favorite act of the night was Will Church with “Hold On”. Their least favorite act was Ikke, who had only recieved 10 points. The public didn’t agree with that, as Ikke was the second most voted-on artist of the night. Will Church on the other hand only got eight points.

In the end Lord Of The Lost won, with a 78 point difference. They will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest. Because Germany is one of the Big Five countries, they are already qualified for the final on may 13th. 

You can find the National Final performance here:

You can find the jury score, and televote score over here: 




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