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Liveblog 2nd Rehearsals Semi Final 2

Also today we follow the second rehearsals in Ahoy Rotterdam. We keep you live updated.

In Cooperation with Eurovision Artists.

Photo & Videocredits: EBU

13:55 – Denmark

The guys from Fyr og Flamme perform a cozysong in Danish, which would have done well in the 80s. The gentlemen are not lacking in enthusiasm. Vocally, there could still be some finishing touches. With a 27th place in the polls it will be a just yes/ just no qualification for the final.


13.30 – Switzerland

Gjon’s Tears once again puts on a rehearsal that is rock solid. Although opinions about the staging (busy, messy) are very divided, we see a total picture that suits Gjon and his song. Final? Without any doubt. Top 5? Most likely yes. Winner? Who knows.


13.05 – Latvia

Samanta Tina is dressed in green, just like her background singers (with mudguards). With a song like this you expect a bit more spectacle in terms of dance and visuals. Actually, that doesn’t happen at any time. Samanta has a strong voice, nothing wrong there. Whether it is all enough for a place in the final is doubtful.



11.40 – Finland

Everything you can expect from a rock act passes in review … x 10. Blind Channel rocks with devotion, and with red-colored middle fingers through the three minutes. With an 11th place in the polls, we will certainly see them back in the big Final.


11.15 – Bulgaria

In a beautiful setting (Victoria is standing on a platform in the water) she sings her powerful ballad. Quiet, modest and full of conviction. With a 6th place in the polls, we will certainly see Bulgaria in the final


10.50 – Portugal

The Black Mamba starts again in a black and white setting. And as during the 1st rehearsal, Pedro Tatanka sings as if it is all very easy. A calm, restrained act and staging, relaxed and full of conviction. Will Portugal provide a surprise? Who knows. In any case, they allready have a scoop , since it is the first time that a Portuguese participant sings in English. A place in the final is certainly possible .


10.25 Albania

Anxhela is alone on the stage. Just like during the first rehearsal, vocals are fine. The graphics in the background are more organized. Anxhela is one of the few who sings in her own language. In a nutshell, her song is about how she used to laugh when someone was in trouble, and now that she’s in trouble herself, another laughs. She certainly has problems in terms of ranking in the polls; 37th place. We will most likely not see Albania in the final either.


10.00 – Georgia

Tornike is alone on stage in jeans and a white shirt. The setting is sober. The lyrics of his song are projected in the background and on his head when he is seated. Vocals are very okay,  and yet it does not get through. He looks rather angry, but that may have to do with his ranking in the polls; very last. We suspect that the Eurovision adventure for Georgia will end after Thursday.





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