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Little Big: no decision yet

A short while ago, there was a rumour going on that Little Big had been confirmed to be the 2021 Russian participants in the Eurovision Song Contest. The rumour was, as it is with rumours, unconfirmed.

A few days ago, members of Little Big stated something about Eurovision on a Russian radio station: “We still haven’t written the song for 2021. We may write some and send them over to Channel One (the Russian channel that takes part in Eurovision, EU). If it goes well – we’re going. If it doesn’t – we’re not going. People think that we’re automatically in for 2021, but we’re not. It’s about the song.”

Little Big was supposed to represent Russia in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Uno”. Let’s wait and see if they will write a song that they want to send to Eurovision….

Thanks to Katja Maria Lund for the translation of the interview.


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