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Jahn Teigen passed away

Yesterday, 24 february 2020, Norwegian singer and entertainer Jahn Teigen passed away in Ystad hospital in Oslo.
Teigen is known to the Eurovision fans and audience for his three participations in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1978, he sang the entry “Mil etter mil” and received no points at all, getting him the nickname Mr. Nul Points. Four years later, he was on stage again but not alone: he was accompanied by his former wife Anita Skorgan to sing the beautiful duet “Adieu”. One year later, she was a backing vocal for him when he sang the cheerful song “Do re mi”.
Teigen took part numerous times in the Norwegian final Melodi Grand Prix, the first time in 1974 and the last time in 2005. Teigen was 70 years old.


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