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Israel: two singers are out of the race!

For two singers, participating in Hakokhav Haba L’Eurovizion, it’s over. Surprisingly, Dorel Saadon did not survive last thursday’s battle. We only saw it now, Israeli tv decided to make it a cliffhanger, as it looked like it would end for Ohad Shragai.

Today, the percentages of the singers were higher. With 76% of the voters behind her, which is not bad at all, Eden Zohar Sivan is out.

Left in the race are now 9 contestants:

  • Eden Alene
  • Orr Amrani-Brockman
  • Ohad Shragai
  • Loai Ali
  • Lali Kolishkin
  • Raviv Kaner
  • Moran Aharoni
  • Gaya Shaki
  • Ella-Lee Lahav

One of these contestants will represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.


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