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Go-A represents Ukraine in 2021

There will be no national final in Ukraine next year. The contestant is already chosen by Ukrainian tv: it’s gonna be Go-A. They stated this on their facebook page:

Hi friends!

You have probably seen that this year’s Eurovision was canceled for obvious reasons.

But we are glad to inform you that we will still represent Ukraine next year at the Eurovision 2021.

UA: FIRST and STB will not carry out an additional national selection in 2021. This was stated on the official website of Eurovision in Ukraine.

We are very grateful to each of you for the support and crazy emotions you have given us. For believing in yourself and a victorious spirit. For overturning our world and becoming such a close musical family!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, watch your health! And when the situation stabilizes – we will definitely meet at concerts and festival venues.

We love you!
Your Go_A


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