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France decided: Barbara Pravi it is!

Tonight, France decided. The winner is Barbara Pravi with the song “Voila”. That’s not a surprise, as she was already the hot favorite to win the contest. Barbara Pravi took part as a composer before, and won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as a composer last year.

Eight songs were chosen for a superfinal, seven by televoting, one by the expert jury:

  1. 21 Juin Le Duo, “Peux-tu me dire?”
  2. Ali, “Paris me dit (yala ya helo)”
  3. Amui, “Maeva”
  4. Andriamad, “Alleluia”
  5. Barbara Pravi, “Voilà”
  6. Casanova, “Tutti”
  7. Céphaz, “On a mangé le soleil”
  8. Juliette Moraine, “Pourvu qu’on m’aime”
  9. LMK, “Magique” (jury)
  10. Philippine, “Bah non”
  11. PONY X, “Amour fou”
  12. Terence James,  “Je t’emmènerai danse”
  1. Barbara Pravi, “Voilà”, 204 pt.
  2. Juliette Moraine, “Pourvu qu’on m’aime”, 136 pt
  3. PONY X, “Amour fou”, 124 pt
  4. Casanova, “Tutti”, 102 pt.
  5. Céphaz, “On a mangé le soleil”, 82 pt
  6. Amui, “Maeva”, 78 pt
  7. LMK, “Magique”, 76 pt
  8. 21 Juin Le Duo, “Peux-tu me dire?”, 38 pt


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