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Flo Rida involved in San Marino’s entry

photo: instagram

This morning, the song Senhit is going to present in the Eurovision Song Contest was leaked. Therefore, SMRTV decided to publish the song today in stead of tomorrow.

Senhit will sing the song “Adrenalina”. There is a team of songwriters involved who are all credited: Senhit herself, Chanel Tukia, Jimmy Thörnfeldt, Joy Debb, Linnea Debb, Kenny Silverdique, Malou Ruotsalainen, Suzi Pancenkov, Thomas Stengaard and…. Flo Rida. The latter is a famous American rapper, singer and songwriter. He also features in the song. It is not yet known whether Flo Rida will join Senhit in Rotterdam or not.

Senhit took part in the contest before: in 2011 she represented San Marino as well. With “Stand by” she didn’t reach the final. In 2020 she was also chosen to represent the country with “Freaky!”. SMRTV decided to ask her again, which resulted in “Adrenalina”.


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