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Eurovision 2023 Semi-Final Running Orders

Since 2004 the EBU has come up with a plan so that only 26 countries will have a spot in the final. We’re talking about the Semi Finals of course! Tonight the running order of both Semi-Finals has been revealed, and we’re gonna have a look at who benefits from their place, and who doesn’t.

Semi Final 1 

For the opener of the whole show, we have a strong contender. Norwegian Alessandra Mele will open the Semi with “Queen Of Kings”. As our final song of the night we have another contender for the win. Käärijä will make the arena dance with “Cha Cha Cha” for Finland!  

Here you can find the Running Order for the first Semi Final: 

Benefitters Semi 1

There’s always one or multiple countries that benefit from it’s position in the order of the show. We think that Norway, Israel, and Czechia benefit from it the most in this Semi-Final. Norway will be a strong opener of the show, and will be remembered by the people.

Israel stands out aswell, as it will perform after a ballad and a break. With a good dance show, Noa Kirel will have the people hooked again.

At last we have Czechia. It will perform after Azerbaijan, which has an indie genre kind of song. If the girls from Vesna can deliver good live vocals, together with their strong song, there’s a chance that people can forget Azerbaijan easily.

Semi Final 2

With a strong first semi final, we also need an entertaining Second Semi Final. We have Denmark opening the Semi with Reiley singing “Breaking My Heart”. Meanwhile we have Australia rocking it out with Voyager performing “Promise” at the end of the evening. 

Here you can find the official Running Order:

Benefitters Semi 2

In the second Semi Final we have a few benefitters aswell. Armenia, Austria, and Australia (all beginging with an A) have got the luck on their side. Armenia almost opens the show, and so with a slow start of a song the it has the audience at a calm pace. Towards the end of the song it gets more dramatic, and so she heads us directly into that Second Semi Final.

Austria performs after San Marino. San Marino has to fight hard for their spot in the final, meanwhile Teya & Salena are ready to secure that spot. Austria even has a possibility of winning the 2nd Semi, and so they have an advantage performing after San marino.

And with Australia being a strong closer of the show, with rocking out the evening, they will surely stay in peoples minds. Voyager knows how to put up a good show, so this spot has their luck.

Who do you think will qualify from it’s Semi? Let us know in the comments!



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