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Day 6. Live Blog 2nd Rehearsals

Today we will follow the 2nd rehearsals again in Ahoy, and will keep you live informed  .                                               In Cooperation with: Eurovision Artists. Photo & Video Credits: EBU

14.45 – Serbia

Hurricane puts on an okay rehearsal again today. A bit smoother in dance, but a bit more unstable in terms of vocals. With a 25th place in the polls it could just be that we will see the ladies back in the final.

14.20 – Iceland

During the first rehearsal, Daði & Gagnamagnið already put down an act that was rock solid. The clumsy moveming and dancing … everything is part of the act, well thought out and perfected down to the last detail. Today they do that again. Singing and acting are rock solid. After the first rehearsal, they rose up to 5th place in the polls. They have a good thing going! Have we just looked at the winner of the festival?

13.55 – Moldova

During the first rehearsal, Natalia Gordienko (except for the vocals) came across as a bit uncomfortable and ot at ease. Her high heels in particular seemed to be playing tricks on her. Apparently hard work has been done in recent days. Great act, Natalia shines, and the vocals were again more than okay. With 22nd place in the polls, it should be possible for Natalia to qualify for the final.

13.30 – Poland

Rafał Brzozowski puts on a slightly more stable rehearsal today, a bit more organized and less chaotic. In terms of voice, he is by no means stable. With a 35th place in the polls, it doesn’t look like we will see Poland back in the final.

13.05. Austria

Vincent Bueno impressed during the first rehearsal, with his sober act and staging, which fits perfectly with his song. Today he does that all over again. No change in his act, it is rock solid. With a 26th place in the polls, it should be possible to get a place in the final.

11.40 – Greece

The Dutch-Greek Stefania surprised friend and foe with a spectacular act during the first rehearsal. Vocally  she stood firm in her high-heeled silver-purple boots. Today she admits some finishing touches. After the first rehearsal, she rose to tenth place in the polls. It is expected that her performance in the 2nd semifinal will certainly not be her “Last Dance”.

11.15 – Czech Republic

During the first 2 runs Benny Cristo appears on stage wearing glasses today. Act and clothing are otherwise the same. Although the vocals are fine, Benny does not convince. Is he still holding back for the live show? As it looks now with a 32 place in the polls, a final place seems a long way off.

10.50 – Estonia.

Uku Suviste sounds more stable in the second rehearsal. No changes in the act, sober and calm. Nothing wrong with that, but with a 36th place in the polls we do not see a place for Estonia in the big Final.



10.25 – San Marino

Also today the big question was: will Flo Rida appear on stage. The answer was again: No. Rapper Don Jiggy performed again on stage. It was striking that Senhit has a photo of Flo Rida in the icon she wears at the beginning of the act, and half way she shouts out to the audiance: “Hello Rotterdam, are you ready to Flo Rida with me?” Singing and dancing are fine again. With a 13th place in the polls, there is a good chance that San Marino will qualify for the final again


10.00 – Malta

Destiny appears onstage today in a different outfit. Silver colored top with pink stockings. The act has also changed. All this looks more dynamic than the first rehearsal. The vocals are again rock solid. Destiny received a lot of criticism after the first rehearsal, regarding her outfit, to which she countered sharply: THIS is exactly what my song is about: I do not have a size zero, but I wear what I feel good and okay in , and what YOU think about it: Je me Casse !!

With a second place in the polls, making it to the final will not be a problem … but will she win the contest?




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