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Czech Republic decided: it’s Benny Cristo

The Czech Republic has chosen and the winner is Benny Cristo. Well, the Czech Republic…. the entire European eurofanbase was able to vote in the Czech final through a special Eurovision app. While the app voters chose for Barbora Mochowa, the Czech audience had Benny Cristo as their favorite…. and he won. Cristo will sing “Kemama”, a song written and composed by himself together with Osama Verse-Atile, Charles Sarpong and Rudy Ray.

This was the result of the national final:

1.Benny Cristo, “Kemama”, 22 pts.
2.Elis Mraz a Čis T, “Wanna be like”, 18 pts.
3.Barbora Mochowa, “Among white and black holes”, 14 pts.
4.We All Poop, “All the blood (positive song actually)”, 12 pts.
5.Karelll, “At least we’ve tried”, 10 pts.
6.Olga Lounová, “Dark water”, 9 pts.
6.Pam Rabbit, “Get up”, 9 pts.

Listen to the song here:


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