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Councilor Kasmi: Eurovision in Rotterdam will happen as planned

The Eurovision Song Contest happen as planned. That is what councilor  Kasmi (tourism) said this morning before the council meeting, where the conequenses of the corona crisis for Rotterdam will be discussed. “There is no need to cancel the Eurovision song contest,” he said.

Now that the corona virus is increasingly spreading in Europe, the question is coming up whether such a huge international event – in which many tens of thousands of visitors from 41 countries come to Rotterdam – should continue. Yesterday, a special, nationwide “checklist” was presented, on which mayor Aboutaleb can base his decision to cancel the mega-event. Many audiences, long journeys and singing fans are negative factors.

Kasmi emphasizes, however, that the RIVM (National Institute for Health and Environment) guidelines for the municipality of Rotterdam are leading. “We also monitor ourselves, but we see that the situation around corona changes every day,” he says. As far as he is concerned, no decision needs to be made for the time being and preparations are continuing in full. “I think there should be an examination mid-April about how things are going then. So we still have plenty of time. “

source: AD


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