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Blind Channel to represent Finland in Rotterdam

Photo: Stefan Bollmann, wikimedia Commons

And here are the results of the Finish national final: Blind Channel has won and will represent country with the song “Dark side”. After an exciting contest Blind Channel got the ticket to Rotterdam, to the Eurovision Song Contest. Although it was not sure until the end, they won with a landslide!

The full results of the contest are:

  1. Blind Channel, “Dark Side”, 551 pts.
  2. Teflon Brothers x Pandora, “I love you”, 180 pts.
  3. Ilta, “Kelle mä soitan”, 149 pts.
  4. Oskr, “Lie”, 115 pts.
  5. Aksel, “Hurt”, 108 pts.
  6. Danny, “Sinä päivänä kun kaikki rakastaa mua”, 60 pts.
  7. Laura, “Play”, 13 pts.


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