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Blas Cantó: you decide

Spain will be represented by Blas Cantó. He was already chosen to represent Spain in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, but due to the cancellation of the contest, he couldn’t perform his song “Universo”.

This year, Blas has two options. The titles of the songs are “Memoria” and “Voy a quedarme”. He has one problem: he can not make a choice, as both songs express his feelings. So he gave it out of hands. The decision which song it is going to be in Rotterdam will be up to…. YOU!

Follow this link, and you’ll be able to vote for one of the two songs. The voting will end at the day of the show “Destino Eurovisión”. It is not yet known when thát is. So until that time, you can vote once every day.

What is your favorite?


2.Voy a quedarme


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