Armenian singer Hayko Hakobyan dies at age 48 from COVID-19

Hayko Hakobyan, who represented Armenia in 2007, sadly passed away today, 29 September 2021. Hayko reached the age of 48 years old. The ”Anytime you need” singer caught COVID-19 earlier this year. The first news about his hospitalisation hit the newsstands around 21 September 2021. Today the news reached us that Hayko has tragically died from the complications. Shushan Danielyan, chief of staff at Yerevan State Medical University has conformed the information.

Hayko was one of the most popular singers of the country. In 2003 and 2006 he was voted best singer of the year in Armenia. His popularity facilitated an automatic placement in Armenian national final in 2007. He ultimately won the competition and made his way to Finland to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. With the entry ”Anytime you need”, Hayko planted Armenia in the 8th place of the contest.

Hayko’s first album, Romances, was released in 1999. The debut album had the musician winning three awards at the Armenian Music Awards in 2002. The awards included Best Singer, Best Project and Best Album.

He was the second artist to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest. André Hovnanian competed in 2006, who also finished in eighth place.


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