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Andrea to represent North Macedonia

North Macedonia will be represented by Andrea Koevska with the song “Circles”. The song is written and composed by Aleksandar Masevski and Andrea herself. There was a tie with Viktor Apostolovski, but as Andrea was the favourite of the international jury she is the one to head to Turin. North Macedonia will perform in the second half of the second semifinal in Turin. The full result of the show is:

  1. Andrea, “Circles”, 20 pts
  2. Viktor Apostolovski, “Superman”, 20 pts
  3. Kaly, “Love and light”, 16 pts
  4. Lara Ivanova, “Flower of sorrow”, 15 pts
  5. Yon Idy, “Dreams”, 14 pts
  6. Ris Flower, “Flying to Berlin”, 11 pts


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