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2020 host trio invited for 2021

photo: NPO/Avrotros/EBU

Now that the city of Rotterdam has presented their will to organize the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, more things become clear. 

The 2020 host trio, Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley and Jan Smit will be the 2021 hosts as well. That is what Chantal Janzen said in the RTL talkshow Jinek. They are invited by NPO and Avrotros to do the job next year.

In december 2019, it became known that Chantal, Edsilia and Jan would host the contest. Due to the Corona crisis, it had to be cancelled. Meanwhile, Edsilia Rombley hosted a show called “Het grote songfestivalfeest”. Together, the three hosted the allocation draw for the 2020 contest, and we will be able to see them on may 16, when the replacement show “Europe shine a light” will take place.


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