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UEFA: Eighth finals

Finally, the eighth finals of the European Soccer Championship will start. The first match will be between Wales and Denmark. When we come to these countries, red is the thing. The Welsh dragon is red, the Dannebrog, the Danish flag, is also red. In 1990 both the United Kingdom and Denmark had a singer with a red dress. For the UK it was Welsh girl Emma with “Give a little love back to the world”. For Denmark we saw Lonny Devantier singing “Hallo hallo”.

Tonight’s other match will be between Italy and Austria. And we remain in 1990: both countries chose the uniting of countries as their subject. With “Insieme: 1992”, Italian Toto Cutugno sang about the birth of the European Union in 1992. With “Keine Mauern mehr” Austrian Simone sang about the vanishing of the iron Curtain.ย 


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