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UEFA 2020: day 4

Again, three matches will be played today. We start with the first one: Scotland versus Czech Republic. Both countries once sent a song or a singer with a touch of their national identity. In 1966, Kenneth McKellar appeared on stage for the United Kingdom. He sang his song “A man without love” in a Scottish based costume. It was in 2009 that the group sang “Aven Romale”. Not the cloths but the music had something of the gipsy identity. By the way, both songs did not really do well.

Poland and Slovakia play the second match of the day. Poland had slightly more succes than Slovakia did. But both once sent a ballad that did not score very well, but is very popular among Eurovision fans. Both are 90s songs. In 1995 Justyna Steczkowska represented Poland with the song “Sama”, which means “Alone”. The song seems to be sung a-tonal. It was Katarina Hasprová who sang “Molita” (prayer) in 1998 for Slovakia.

The last match will be between Spain and Sweden. What do you think of boybands? Both countries sent one or more. Do you remember D’Nash, who represented Spain in 2007 with “I love you, mi vida”? Or do you remember Arvingarna? They took part in this years Swedish Melodifestivalen, but in 1993 they represented Sweden with the song “Eloise”.


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