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UEFA 2020: DAY 10

And again, we will have two matches in the European Soccer Championship. The first match will be between Italy and Wales. For this one we are going to look at male duos. In 1987, Umberto Tozzi and Raff, both big stars in Italy and abroad already, represented their country. They sang “Gente di mare”, which became third. It became a Eurovision classic. The United Kingdom was represented by Joe and Jake in the 2016 contest. Joe Woolford, the half of the duo, was a Welshman. With “You’re not alone” they became 24th.

For the match between Switzerland and Turkey we add only one song: “Ne partez pas sans moi”. You are right, the singer Celine Dion is neither Swiss nor Turkish: she is a Canadian. But the song is composed by Atilla Şereftuğ, who is Turkish. The lyrics are from Nella Martinetti. And yes, she is Swiss!


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